Conductive-polymer technology

Conductive polymers are used to extend the life of TraceTek cables. Some of the oldest TraceTek water detection cables have been in continuous service for more than 25 years.

Sensor Cables and Probes for Water Leak Detection


Monitors and Alarm Panels


Sensor Interface Modules provide the excitation voltage necessary to operate the cable or probes. The SIM then monitors analog current and voltage levels to determine when and where a leak has occurred. The measurements are digitized and transmitted back to the control and alarm panel for user display or interface to higher level systems.

Digital or Analog?
Don’t be confused by claims to the contrary: All sensing is done at the analog level by measuring voltage, current and resistance. All modern systems convert the analog values to digital values, then use digital telemetry to bring the measurement values to the alarm panel. TraceTek’s combination of analog measurement and digital technology, permits designers to tailor their water leak detection system to larger floor areas, multiple levels and smaller discontinuous areas with ease. As all SIMs speak Modbus, and Johnson Controls’ N2 Open protocol and allow for easy conversion to BACnet, TraceTek leak detection can be a plug-and-play addition to many building management systems.

Multiple methods for remote alarm notification
A wide range of industry standard protocols are used, giving you multiple interface possibilities.  Systems are simple to operate, rugged in design and reliable in use.  Universal power supply and hazardous location approvals means they can be installed in all environments.