Expertise in Heat Tracing Systems for Crude Oil Transfer Ensures Flow at CA Refinery
Key Challenges

The Tesoro Refinery in Martinez, CA needed to heat trace its Amorco Wharf pump station and transfer lines to ensure crude oil flow from its off-load wharf to a series of storage tanks. Detailed engineering drawings for the heat tracing did not exist and the project proved to be complicated due to the intricate valve piping at the pump station. The client had a tight deadline and so they contacted Pentair Thermal Management.


Due of the variety of pipe sizes, high number of large and small valve assemblies and the tight temperature maintenance requirements, the heat trace design required creative solutions and flexibility to best meet the customer’s needs. Pentair Thermal Management engineers visited the refinery and completed a field design by taking pipe measurements and designing the heat tracing system on site. They worked with the local refinery personnel to define the necessary power distribution systems, power-point locations, necessary control and monitoring solutions and heat trace cable recommendations.


Our experience with crude oil transfer and marine applications allowed us to develop a timely and cost effective solution for the Tesoro Refinery. Raychem XTV self-regulating heat trace cable was specified for all of the piping in order to minimize the installation costs as well as to ensure the temperature maintenance requirements.  Raychem 920 Control & Monitoring panels were combined with transformers and a power distribution system in a self-contained skid to reduce on-site installation time and expense.


The installation was completed in accordance with Tracer safety standards resulting in a 100% safety record on the project. Along with the quality installation of the heat tracing system by experienced craftsmen, Tesoro received a Warm Pipe Warranty as a guarantee of the quality of the installation. Experience, creativity and flexibility were key in completing this project for Tesoro Refinery.