Self-Regulating Technology

Raychem self-regulating electric heat trace cables automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes of the pipe. These cables:

Raychem Heating Cables:


Power-Limiting Technology

Raychem power-limiting systems for Pipe Frost Protection provide higher power outputs at elevated temperatures than self-regulating systems and can be exposed to higher temperatures.

Raychem Power-Limiting Cables



Raychem Polymer Insulated technology

Mineral Insulated (MI) Technology

Pyrotenax mineral insulated (MI) series heating systems are recommended for high-temperature applications of up to 800°C. Suitable for the harshest of industrial environments they are offered in a choice of constructions each with a complete range of compatible components and accessories.

Pyrotenax Mineral Insulated Cables


Constant-wattage parallel technology

Raychem constant-wattage parallel heating systems offer an economical alternative while maintaining the advantages of cut to length cables. Because of their constant power output, circuit breaker sizes may be reduced compared to self-regulating heating systems.

Depending on the application, they typically require more sophisticated control systems.

Advanced Control Systems

Our advanced control systems from Raychem offer state-of-the-art control solutions designed exclusively for use with pipe freeze protection systems.

Raychem Monitoring and Control Products

How We Control and Monitor your Pipe Freeze Protection System