Longline heating systems can be complex to design and install. Pentair Thermal Management offers several technologies to choose from, thus providing the best cost optimization for your longline heating project. The longline heating technologies are:

Polymer Insulated Technology

Raychem Polymer Insulated (PI) series heating cables  are the appropriate solution when a single power source is needed and the circuit lengths exceed the ratings of conventional parallel cables for lengths up to 5km. Thanks to the use of PTFE in the inner and outer insulation the cables can:

Mineral insulated technology

Pyrotenax Mineral Insulated (MI) heating systems should be considered when the associated temperatures and/or power outputs exceed the capabilities of polymer cables.


Skin-Effect Heat Tracing Systems Technology


Raychem STS skin-effect heat tracing system is a versatile engineered heat management system that is ideal to deliver heat for medium to long pipelines up to 25km.

Applications include:

As the industry leader in single source responsibility for heat management systems, we offer Skin-Effect Tracing Systems as turnkey solutions.

Advanced Control Systems

Pentair Thermal Management offers a number of Raychem advanced control systems designed specifically for longline heating applications. The Raychem control and monitoring products:

For certain specialized applications, Pentair Thermal Management also offers fibre optic temperature sensing solutions to measure the temperature of the pipe along its length with 1 metre resolution and 1ºC sensitivity.