Various technologies allowing circuit lengths up to 25 km

Adding power supply points can drastically increase the cost of a heat tracing installation. Depending on the desired circuit lengths, we offer Long Line heating in various technologies:

Customised Support to minimize the cost
Advanced Control systems for adequate control & monitoring on Long pipelines

Since Long Line systems are constant wattage systems, the choice of an adequate control system is very important and can have significant impact on the performance of the system


The different technologies in our product bag dispose of a wide range of approvals showing compliance to ATEX, RTN, IECEx and many more industrial or national standards.

Design capabilities

Pentair Thermal Management disposes of design centres all over the world which have the capability to extend the heat tracing design over multiple disciplines to ensure the optimum heat tracing system.
Our engineers have the possibility to use different software tools that are considered to be the leading standard in the industry, such as TraceCalc Pro or the complete 3-D design package Tracer Lynx.