Advanced Heat Tracing technologies from Pentair Thermal Management help to prevent Frost Heave for industries employing liquefied gas storage tanks.  There are many details that go into the installation of the appropriate Heat Tracing technology.  It’s important to consider:

Pentair Thermal Management offers:


Pentair Thermal Management Solutions:

Raychem FHP Self-Regulating Technology

The FHP family of self-regulating heat tracing cables is available for all tank sizes and construction as they are cut to length and terminated in the field. 

FHP heat tracing cables are:


Raychem® FHP cables meet the requirements of the international and national standards and codes

Raychem FHPC Parallel Resistance Constant Wattage Technology

Raychem’s® parallel resistance constant power density (parallel constant wattage) heating cables are available for every tank size and type of construction.  They also have the same attributes and details of the FHP cables:


Raychem Skin-Effect Heat Tracing Technology

The Raychem STS System is an engineered heat management system configured to deliver heat for medium to long pipes including tank foundation heating.

The Raychem STS System explained:

Raychem STS-Thumbnail.jpg

Advanced Control Systems and Power Distribution Systems

The selection of the appropriate advanced control and monitoring and power distribution system options heavily depend on your specific frost heave requirements