PetroTrace Downhole Heating Cables Technologies

PetroTraceTM series-resistance heating cables are used in flow assurance applications when circuit lengths exceed the ratings of conventional parallel-resistance heating cables and a single power source is needed.

Mineral Insulated (MI) Technology

Mineral insulated heating cable is ideal for heavy oil recovery applications where high power and high exposure temperatures are required to increase oil mobility and production in reservoirs. PetroTrace MI cable: 


Skin-Effect Heat Tracing Systems (STS) Technology

STS skin-effect heat tracing cable is specifically designed for longline heating applications.


Typical oil recovery applications for PetroTrace STS are in high producing wells (>5000 BOPD), where heat input is required for flow assurance, most commonly paraffin and hydrate prevention in deep wells (longer than 2000m).
It is also applicable in heavy oil wells that require temperature maintenance along the wellbore for production enhancements or recovery from shutdowns.

This heating cable consists of a coiled tube that contains an insulated conductor inside the tube. Both the conductor and coiled tube are used to form an electric circuit that can provide heat for many kilometres. The STS heater: