PetroTrace Downhole Heating – Leading Electro-Thermal Heating Technologies

PetroTrace Downhole heating systems are the culmination of over 20 years of experience with flow assurance applications. The PetroTrace suite of electro-thermal technologies meets the requirements of today's oil production need for flow assurance, versatility and short-term investment payback.

The benefits which Pentair Thermal Management can provide include:

Reservoir to Refinery Flow Assurance Solutions

PetroTrace Downhole heating systems are supplied as an engineered system which uses electro-thermal heating technologies to apply heat in the wellbore providing flow assurance and/or increasing flow in the production string. The electro-thermal heating cables are inserted into the reservoir, providing a constant source of high thermal energy in the pay zone.

Our proven oil recovery solutions are designed for either offshore or onshore environments, and for a wide array of reservoir characteristics.  These solutions can combat production issues associated with paraffinic, heavy or hydrate-laden production fluids. 

Oilfield Experience

Through extensive investment in research and development Pentair Thermal Management pioneers new technologies and products, offering reliable, safe, cost effective hole heat management solutions, helping increase production rates, lengthen well life span, and reduce maintenance cost.

Worldwide Approach

Pentair Thermal Management has been selected by many clients around the world to increase production rates and prevent production shut downs due to blockages within the production string. 
Our service centres provide a wide range of engineering design services and site services; and are strategically positioned to execute your specialty project anywhere in the world. We have a world class safety record, a commitment to quality and the resources to complete your project in a timely, safe manner.

Engineering & Installation Services

Pentair Thermal Management is the leading supplier of complete Engineering and Construction services for Bottom-hole Heat Management Systems:

Engineering Services

Understanding the effects of heat transfer in oil wells is a complex study.

Engineering Deliverables
Installation Services