Raychem self-regulating systems offer the most flexible approach for heat-tracing design. Cable can be cut to length on site for the most complex installations. Typical applications are line lengths of up to 250 m and maintain temperatures of up to 150°C. The parallel cable construction allows for installations on branch offs if required.

System features include:

Thermal legionella prevention

As a result of the hot water single-pipe system having fewer pipes, less water volume and less heat loss, the danger of any bacteriological problems is significantly reduced.

Decontamination is completed by increasing the temperature of the water. The use of the HWAT-R heating cable with the HWAT-ECO controller offers the benefit of selecting a desired temperature and increasing the temperature over a time for legionella prevention. As such, the HWAT-ECO controller can be programmed for a Legionella prevention cycle.

Download the legionella application document (pdf 107 KB)