Pentair Thermal Management Installs Heating Solutions at London Rolex Building
Key Challenges

Pentair Thermal Management was brought in to employ a variety of its heating solutions at the new Rolex Building in London, England. Rolex was looking to convert its heating to a simpler, lower cost single pipe system that required less maintenance.


Pentair Thermal Management provided hot water services using the Raychem HWAT single pipe hot water temperature maintenance system.


Pentair Thermal Management installed more than 400 meters of cable to provide hot water all the way to the point of use, 600 meters of WinterGard pipe frost protection cables, and RayClic connection devices to safeguard the chilled water supply lines from freezing.

In addition, a beautifully tiled floor at the entrance foyer now welcomes visitors with the ambient warmth of Raychem floor heating systems, with the installation of nearly 50 square meters of T2QuickNet.


The reduction of pipework left more space for the single pipe and insulation so that thicker insulation over the system could be used to increase its efficiency. The total estimated energy savings for this project will be approximately 50-60 percent. Even with the higher unit cost of electricity, the actual customer savings are expected to be 5-15 percent.

The design, supply, and installation of the Raychem systems were undertaken by Jointing Technologies, a Pentair Thermal Management distributor partner headquartered in South East England. The project was completed in October 2010.