Reasons to install a Raychem system

1. Single-pipe system for easy design and faster installation
Raychem HWAT heating cable is simply fixed on the supply pipe - no need for return pipe work, valves or pumps, or for complex design and balancing work associated with return systems.

This results in :

2. Up to 50% of energy savings vs traditional recirculation system
The HWAT-ECO control unit reduces the running cost of the hot water maintenance system. Traditional control equipment and timers can save up to 30% compared to an uncontrolled system. The implementation of a HWAT-ECO controlled system save up to 50% energy.

The HWAT-ECO is a smart control unit that limits the heat output of the self regulating heating cables according to the specific requirements of the hot water system. It combines the clock time functions with the boiler thermostat in order to ensure that the system is used solely for temperature maintenance. This avoids superfluous heat production and minimizing energy consumption.

3. A retrofit operation of an existing traced hot water system with HWAT-ECO control unit is results in a short investment payback period.

Energy consumption
See how much energy can be saved by using the appropriate control unit and how fast your investment pays back.

Energy Consumption Comparison